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Whats In My Bag!

(Source: youtube.com)

What In My Bag! My new YouTube channel! Please check it out!xxx

(Source: youtube.com)


What to do:
MBF me(thereislovetobefound)
MUST REBLOG. You may reblog as many times as you’d like for a higher chance. Likes will be ignored.
I will be picking 6 blogs to be in a poll on December 3 and you’ll have through the 7th to get as many votes as you can! Who ever gets the most votes will be my blog of the month :)
You do not have to be a love blog.
What you will get if you win:
A link on sidebar for the whole month and a permanent link under my “past botms” page.
DAILY PROMOS!!! (including screenies, solos, and self promos for the whole month)
Promos to all of the networks I’m apart of 
A follow back from me
Help with voting or clicking on ads or anything else you need
A friend!
Also, check out my wonderful November BOTM :)